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Elizabeth Hindle (nee Elizabeth Scrase) is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist living and working in the East of England. Elizabeth is a Fine Artist, Artist Educator and one half of the collaborative duo Ridge & Scrase.

Elizabeth’s practice spans multiple disciplines but is always autobiographical in nature, exploring concepts of psychology and the impact of trauma on the legacy of memory and being. Elizabeth’s work is disquieting yet bemusing at times, moving from playful collage and new media to explorative and dynamic abstract paintings.


Elizabeth’s most recent works are abstract-expressionist paintings composed of bright, bold geometric compositions delicately overlaid with fields of compressed charcoal. Through these works, Elizabeth is returning to her roots in abstract painting and exploring the use of abstract composition as a tool for physical and psychological expression.

Elizabeth Hindle OneSelf as AnOther Imag
Elizabeth is also a member of Axisweb and has been featured in their ‘Five2Watch’ programme:
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