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Anima Mea

Anima Mea is an exclusive 8-page, limited edition black & white acetate zine, displaying the artistic manipulation of several photographic images allegedly documenting a presence from the spirit world.

Anima Mea (latin for 'My Soul') was born from a lifelong fascination with the paranormal and macabre. Paranormal photography in particular (along with the phenomenon of EVPs) challenges our existing preconceptions about death and our place in the universe: do these images present us with spirits from the world beyond?

Each page of the zine is unbound and individually removable allowing the viewer to pull out each image and hold up to light, much as a photographer might with an original negative plate.


All pages are beautifully bundled together with black satin ribbon, and nestled inside a sleek black envelope.

  • The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

  • The Ghost of Amityville

  • The Watcher of Corroboree Rock

  • The CCTV Ghost of Hampton Court Palace

  • The Tewin Bury Farm Ghost

  • The Spirit of Mary Lee at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

  • The Tulip Staircase Ghost

  • The Ghost of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetary


Display copies are held at the Salford Zine Library, Burnley Zine Library, University of the Arts London College of Communication Library and Zineopolis Library.


Copies are available for sale at Good Press Publications, St Andrews Street, Glasgow, or via their online shop here.

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