Elizabeth Hindle (nee Elizabeth Scrase) is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist living and working in the East of England. Elizabeth is a Fine Artist, Artist Educator and one half of the collaborative duo Ridge & Scrase.

Elizabeth’s works typically feature quiet, methodical destruction which is disquieting yet bemusing at times, moving from playful collage and new media to explorative, dynamic and progressive mark-making, embroidery & self-portraiture. Her work is predominantly autobiographical in nature, utilising unsettling imagery to explore the impact of the unconscious trauma response on the legacy of memory and being.


Elizabeth’s most recent works are digital composites collaged from found vintage images, the vast majority of which are part of her own collection. These works tend to feature images portraying domestic life or parent figures, in order to explore concepts of childhood, motherhood and the traumatic domestic ideal. Elizabeth’s use of vintage imagery is based on a keen interest in concepts of memory and developmental disturbance, exploiting the aesthetic appeal of worn, damaged and decaying images to document ongoing acts of brutal self-reflection and -examination.

Elizabeth is also a member of Axisweb:
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