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I am currently open for commissions!

I'm currently open to commissions for abstract paintings and mixed-media works. I love working with clients to create truly special, bespoke works of art which are completely unique to each person.

Artworks are all fully hand-created by me and will be finished with UV-resistant varnish to protect the longevity of the piece.

I have a flat-rate cost for abstract works and will be honoured to work with you to create a work of art as unique as you are.

Example of a recent commission

This piece was a commission for a personal client, with whom I worked closely to develop a piece which was emotive of their spirit and energy, carefully working on a composition and colour palette which best reflected their vibrant personality.

On the left is an example of the stages of sketching out the composition, colours and texture, compared with the final painting on the right. Of course, there's only so much that can be planned - the beauty of the work is in the emotion and mark-making of the final piece.

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