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A handmade abstract embroidery based on one of Elizabeth's 'Sleep' drawings - for more information on the Sleep series please click here.

Darning wool on muslin-wrapped canvas, 2017.

Johed Abthorp

An embroidered collage taken from carved medieval graffiti found in churches of Norfolk & Suffolk. Special thanks to the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey for their assistance with the research for this piece.

Embroidery thread on mounted pulled fabric, 2017.


Embroidered text onto watercolour paper, 2016.


Reverse embroideries onto personal photographs which have been printed onto canvas.

Embroidery on canvas-printed photographs, 2012.

Deep Breath

For the 20 x 20 Hospital Rooms Fundraising Exhibition, October 2019.

Embroidery on paper, 2019.