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Experimental Mark-Making

Use Your Head, 2018

A new series of drawings and photographs using charcoal applied to the artist's face as the only drawing tool, investigating the input of artist into art by transforming the artist into a drawing apparatus. Further experiments, videos and performance pieces to follow.

Charcoal on paper, digital photographs, 2018.

Sleep., 2011

“Sleep.” is an ongoing series of drawings investigating semi-conscious mark-marking. These drawings are produced amidst falling asleep at night, lying with pen in hand on paper; they capture a last few visual expressions and thoughts of the day, existing somewhere in between the waking world and the unconscious.

Currently, these drawings are being worked up into large-scale embroideries, using needle & thread to mimic the spontaneity of the original pen marks, creating an ironic juxtaposition between the original spontaneous and unconscious marks with the deliberate, careful act of stitching.

Ink on paper, 2011.

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