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'Echoes of Movement'
Yallops Art Gallery, Norwich: June 2013
As Ridge & Scrase

Press Release:

Ridge & Scrase is a Multimedia Drawing and Sonic Art collaboration between Michael Ridge and Elizabeth Scrase. Echoes of Movement is our first public event and both of us will be occupying the Yallops Gallery for the weekend creating new location-responsive works and exhibiting a selection of our recent endeavours. The public are invited to witness and participate in drawing, sound works, impromptu performances and take away instructional pieces to try themselves.

Our aim with Ridge & Scrase is to experiment and develop new works that approach mark making and drawing through sound, sensory deprivation, performance, and interactive & collaborative exercises. In a broader sense we want the audience to reassess how they engage with the act of drawing and develop a more free-thinking and expressive approach.

People Mapping was devised by Elizabeth whilst at university. Exhibited are a series of interlinked drawings that record people’s physical movements (and lack of) in busy public locations over set period of time. Both drawings were created at high vantage points in The Forum and Chapelfield Mall. These pieces offer a unique insight into the ever-changing and often overlooked behaviour of the general public and question the rigidity and perception of traditional observational studies.

Electromagnetic Drawing is an interactive piece requiring the participant to draw in response to what they hear rather than see. Concealed under a drawing board is several small electronic devices; the participant is provided with a small amplifier connected to a telephone pick-up coil and pencil to draw with. The pick-up coil allows the electromagnetic activity emitted from the concealed devices to be heard through the amplifier that the participant responds to via drawing onto the paper provided.

Two drawing based performances Resistance & Mirror Drawing will also be executed sporadically throughout the exhibition between both artists and willing members of the public. Both require a good degree of strength and agility to perform!

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